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I and my family have been patients of Ygnacio dental for several years. Recently, I was suffered from toothache. Dr Cho’s and his staffs were stellar from prompt arrangement of appointment to careful and down to earth treatment by Dr Cho. Yet, another reason to continuously visit Ygnacio dental and give stellar review to Stella, and her office staffs.
I love sharing great finds in the overwhelming search for medical providers. Great experiences so far! I had to see a dentist for an urgent matter, and I'm new in town so I didn't have time to Dentist shop. Lucky for me, Ygnacio Dental has been wonderful. I've seen both Dr. Cho and Dr. Lam, both are incredibly kind, take the time to explain and answered all my questions. As someone who isn't fond of going to the dentist, these guys actually take that dread away. However it is the reception, that really makes this place above and beyond. They helped me though understanding insurance and out of pocket estimates, very knowledgable and kind. Communication has been top notch with this office. 5 stars!
They have very good service and they are really professional! 5 stars!
Wonderful job, I had Devan clean my teeth and he was lovely. Everything is satanized up to safety standards. Highly recommended
I was initially really worried about coming to the dentist during covid but the staff has implemented all the necessary safety precautions (glass barrier at front office, staff wearing masks/gloves)! They even took my temp upon entry so I was very relieved! The orthodontist, Dr. Lam was very clear and thorough in explaining exactly what I needed. Also the staff is always smiling and very friendly
I've had many dentists over the past 3 years, and this is the first administrator I've met who actually called the insurance company before my visit and knew how much my insurance would cover. In previous offices, I've had administrators tell me that I wasn't covered, while my dental insurance told me I was.
The doctor is very experiened and calm. Explain in detail with patience. Techinician is highly skilled and kind. Very pleased with my visit today.
I have only had a handful of dentists in my life, but this is where they listened to me, answered all my questions and followed up with me to check up on after care. No dentist or doctor in my life has done that ever. There’s definitely an effort on relationship building here. Thank you!
Great customer service very satisfied thank you Dr Cho for take care my family


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