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Dentures are prosthetic gums and teeth developed to replace many missing teeth. A person will be able to overcome the adverse effects associated with tooth loss with the help of dentures. That’s because dentures are a practical solution to replace natural teeth. They are designed to deliver the exact texture of original teeth besides a significant level of functionality. At Ygnacio Dental, we offer aesthetic dentures to replace your missing teeth.

What Are Full Dentures?  

There are two types of full dentures: traditional and immediate full dentures. In a traditional full denture, all the remaining teeth in your mouth will be extracted. Once the tissue is healed, your mouth will be fitted with a complete denture. This process may take a couple of months, as the tissues have to heal completely. 

This is when immediate dentures, interim dentures that are prepared beforehand, become useful. Immediate dentures are temporary dentures that you can wear while your gums heal completely from the extractions. 

What Are Partial Dentures? 

A partial denture would consist of a metal framework, which is attached to natural teeth. In some instances, crowns will be placed on top of the natural teeth to support the dentures. 

What Is the Process For Dentures? 

The following are the steps taken in the fabrication and placement of your dentures:

Preliminary Dental Exam  

The first step of getting dentures is to come in for a preliminary dental exam. It includes a comprehensive examination of your overall dental health. In addition, we will also look for signs of tooth decay, infection, and previous dental work, which can adversely impact the process of getting dentures. If any other teeth in your mouth have to be extracted to fit dentures, we will go ahead with it.

Fabricating Dentures  

During this step, we will take impressions of your oral cavity. The impressions will then be sent to our dental lab as the basis for the fabrication of your dentures. The denture will be created based on the precise measurements modeled by the impressions to deliver the best results for you.

Fitting the Dentures  

Once the dentures are constructed, you will have to come for the fitting of the dentures. During this process, we will ensure that the denture can be fitted without any struggles. If there are any specific adjustments to be done, they will be carried out accordingly. After the necessary alterations, the dentures will be secured in your mouth.

Adapting to the Dentures  

It will take some time for you to get used to the dentures. You will not have any pain during this process. It would help if you lived your everyday life, getting adjusted to the dentures over time.

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