Fluoride Treatment in Walnut Creek, CA

Fluoride is a naturally obtainable substance that helps to avert tooth decay and provides protection for a tooth. Fluoride works by strengthening a tooth’s enamel and keeps it robust and healthy. It is extremely effective at preventing tooth damage by covering the surface and not allowing plaque to accumulate and harden. At Ygnacio Dental in Walnut Creek, CA 945961, we provide efficient fluoride treatments to safeguard our patient’s natural teeth. 

How Are Fluoride Treatments Done?

Fluoride treatments are performed by applying a coating of fluoride gel on the surface of your teeth. This fluoride layer is left on your teeth for four to six hours. Later the teeth are brushed off to get rid of the excess material.

Fluoride treatments can also be done by using a tray fitted onto your teeth for a planned duration. Alternatively, we may provide you with a fluoride mouthwash to rinse your teeth for a few seconds, after which you will have to spit out the liquid. After some time, you can brush your teeth once the fluoride has penetrated the tooth surface.

What Are the Advantages of Fluoride Treatments?

There are several advantages of fluoride treatments such as:

Prevents Cavities

Fluoride treatments help to stop tooth decay in both children and adults. Fluoride works by killing all the harmful bacteria which is lodged in the hollows of your teeth. They also fill in the tiny microscopic holes which have developed in the preliminary stages of tooth decay, thus preventing their further progress into the deep layers of the teeth.


The acid present in the foods and drinks can eat away the tooth’s minerals. Fluoride treatments help to replenish the lost minerals of tooth surfaces. The bacterial activity also erodes the tooth surfaces, and regular fluoride treatments can restore those minerals so that the teeth recover their strength.

Prevent Teeth Sensitivity

The soft dentine layer inside a tooth’s enamel becomes exposed because of acidic foods and beverages, and harmful bacterial activity. As a consequence, the teeth are prone to sensitivity when you consume hot and cold foods. When fluoride is applied, it enters the tiny holes formed in your teeth and seals them, preventing teeth sensitivity.

Preserves Your Dazzling Smile

Fluoride helps shield your teeth from various problems, such as tooth discoloration and gum recession due to gingivitis. The fluoride fills the openings and makes it harder for stains to develop. Regular fluoride treatments will increase the chances of having a vibrant smile for your entire life.

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