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Tooth decay and cavities can be kept in check with steadfast brushing and flossing of the teeth. But this daily care regime can only assist in cleaning the front tooth surfaces, leaving out the back molars and premolars because they are nearly impossible for young children to reach. Their deep grooves are ideal for trapping food particles and bacteria, which often leads to cavities in young, vulnerable teeth.

What Are Sealants?

Dental sealants are preventive restorations that can safeguard young children's teeth. They are a thin protective coating that is painted on the chewing surfaces of the molars. Although sealants are no substitute for brushing and flossing, they can help prevent cavity formation and stop the initial stages of tooth decay.

Who Should Get Sealants?

The application of sealants can help young children and adults alike. The first set of molars begins to emerge at the age of six, with the secondary molars coming through around twelve. The quicker the molars are sealed, the better it is to help keep them cavity-free. This is why it's practical to get the sealants early before the teeth have had a chance to experience decay. 

How Do Dental Sealants Work?

Sealants serve as armor for the teeth. When the harmful bacteria present in a mouth combine with food debris left behind from eating, they release acids that can cause destructive holes in teeth, leading to cavities. Dental sealants can help prevent the accumulation of these damaging substances on tooth surfaces.

The application of sealants is a straightforward and pain-free procedure. They lessen the risk of tooth decay in the back teeth to a significant extent. First, we will meticulously clean and dry the teeth before applying the acidic solution to them. This solution creates a solid bond between the sealant and tooth by first roughing it up a little. We will then rinse off the solution after a couple of minutes, and the tooth is wiped dry once again. Finally, the sealants are applied onto the hollows of the tooth, and they are hardened with the assistance of unique laser light. Thus, the teeth are fortified from future damage and decay.

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

Dental sealants are remarkably strong and can withstand the force of biting and chewing foods. They can last for more than a decade and significantly reduce the rate of decay. 

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