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Dental veneers can radically change the look of your smile in a few short dental visits. They are a widely preferred option for cosmetic dentistry patients as they look natural, can last for years, and deliver a single solution that corrects many problems at the same time. At Ygnacio Dental in Walnut Creek, CA 945961, we offer this wholly customized dental procedure to enhance your smile and give a significant boost to your self-esteem and confidence. 

What Are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are thin sheets of material cemented to the front surface of your natural tooth structure to give you that perfect smile. The veneers can be made from different materials, but porcelain is the most popular due to its natural appearance and durability. The whole procedure usually requires two visits to our office.

Benefits of Veneers

Veneers can beautify a new smile by altering the size, form, and color of your teeth, as well as expand your dental arch to create a wider-looking smile. There are numerous other benefits to getting veneers, including:

Corrected Cosmetic Dental Issues

Dental veneers can be utilized to conceal a wide range of dental flaws, such as missing teeth, stained teeth, gaps between teeth, and chipped or broken teeth.

Look and Feel Like Natural Teeth

 The shape and color of your veneers are custom-fabricated to imitate your natural tooth enamel.


The porcelain material that veneers are made from is solid and resistant to stains. With proper and efficient care, veneers can last more than ten years.

Minimally Invasive

A porcelain veneer is as thin as a contact lens and therefore needs a very thin layer of the tooth to be removed to accommodate it. This also makes the restored tooth look and feel like a natural tooth.

Procedure for Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are custom-designed by a dental technician in a lab, based on the impression taken of your prepared tooth. The procedure for dental veneers begins with lightly roughing your teeth to prepare them for the additional thickness of the veneer. The shade of the veneers is matched with your existing natural teeth. Once ready, the veneers are placed on your teeth to check the fit and color. After everything is finalized, the tooth is cleansed with chemicals and then rinsed. Cement is painted to the tooth and the veneer, and then a unique light is used to harden the material.

How to Take Care of Veneers

To take proper care of your veneer teeth, brush and floss just like your original teeth. In addition, we recommend limiting your intake of coffee, red wine, and other stain-causing foods to prevent discoloration of your front teeth veneers.

If you are interested in learning more about our dental veneers, visit Ygnacio Dental, at 1766 Lacassie Ave # 101, Walnut Creek, CA 945961, or call us at (925) 280-2848 and schedule an appointment.


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